Spicy Girl
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Every new collection has one suit that always hits me as a favorite and, even though they are all amazing designs in this collection, the Spicy Girl is my favorite.  I like to think from a design aspect that I am extremely in touch with our customers. I love hearing about your ideas and often we are very much in sync as to what both you and I would like. Keep in mind that I might just be the biggest spandex freak on the planet! Many customers asked us for a totally feminizing full back bikini and, not only did I think that was a great idea; I found that I wanted one for myself. The Spicy Girl is my new most favorite bikini on the planet and, once you slip it on; I know it will be yours, too. Created in matt black rubberized feel spandex with full rear coverage and the most darling little vagina shaped front pouch you have ever seen, this design completely erases any hint of male anatomy while creating the most stunning little man pussy of all. The Spicy Girl is designed to be used anywhere you choose to display your femininity. It is perfect as a serious swimmers suit more than ready to take the place of your Speedo. It is also great for hot yoga and the most incredible beach suit for fun in the water, nice walks or runs along the beach.  Getting into an intense game of volleyball will never be the same. I wonder if they will let me on an all-girl team! Let’s not forget that used under spandex tights, leggings or jeans; you will present as completely female in the package department. I’m wet just thinking about it!

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Spicy Girl

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