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SC56932  -  $36.00

Butt Plug option micro swimsuit

Small and Medium Plug or
Large Cock shape plug.

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I love be able to say that, at Koala, we are responsible for acquainting thousands of men with the pleasures of anal sex. You don’t need to be anything other than open minded and curious. No partners needed because we offer some of the most extreme swimwear on the planet; designs that will actually fuck you in the ass while you are enjoying the sun, beach or pool. The Supercharged design is the best of all worlds with its bulge style pouch made to show off your meat and its slinky thong rear that is large enough to pass as a micro Brazilian bikini similar to that on the Streamline swimsuit, which is a standard Koala design if you need just a touch more coverage. The Supercharged is designed to work with most butt plugs and includes a choice of one small and one medium standard plug or one large cock shaped plug. The plug is securely held in position; the pressure is adjustable, and it is virtually hidden from view. You have the option to use or not use the plug, depending on your mood because the Supercharged is fantastic without it, too.

  • Item #: SC56932


Price: $36.00
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