Target Zone
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Target Zone
TZ7669  -  $32.00

The Target Zone is for all you jock strap lovers, anal lovers and extreme swimwear lovers. The Target Zone might just be the most luxurious jock strap style design ever. Ready for a hard core session of anal action, the Target Zone is eager and ready to please. You can wear this design and be completely ready for anal play without removing the suit. Your cock is supported in a supremely soft and beautifully contoured pouch. No doubt the Target Zone would be considered stunning to see no matter what sports outfit you might be stripping off in the locker room. Ready to hit the beach? The Target Zone cuts a striking figure when used as your swimsuit of choice. It is a wonderful choice for serious beach fun and it has proved to be a great suit for playing in the surf or just swimming laps in the pool. I love the jock strap look but, in a pinch, you can pull the straps between the cheeks to form a thong style. Just a nice option for those times you might not want to show off your open and exposed hole. I guarantee you will never find a more sophisticated jock.

  • Item #: TZ7669

Target Zone

Price: $32.00
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