The Shire Thong
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The Sire Thong is a wonderfully majestic suit. The penis shaft is placed inside the pouch with the balls forced in afterward. This penis shaped pouch takes a unique turn by being forced to stay in a downward position. We wanted the shaft to be forced straight down with the balls compressed and forced off the body and in a downward position, too. The effect is both unusual and extremely arousing. This is a very sensual display of manhood with the shaft curving gently but firmly down and staying in the downward position no matter how erect you become. Full adjustments give you the power to position your cock as far down as you dare. With your cock pushed out so hard from the body, the entire package makes your penis look larger and more aggressive; a real animal waiting to be handled.


One size adjustable

Extreme men's swimwear with a purpose.

Made in the USA

  • Item #: TST5537

The Shire Thong

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