Too Much Sex
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Is there ever such a thing as Too Much Sex? I don’t think so. It is healthy and vital to be sexually active. We are sexual creatures; some of us more than others. Our new design, “Too Much Sex,” builds upon one of our most popular designs. Let’s start with its sheer cock shaped pouch created with a removable shaft sleeve. Perfect for keeping your balls packed tight but fully displayed while giving you the option of fully exposing the shaft with or without the sleeve.  This option is perfect for the times you feel like letting it hang free or ready for some hardcore oral, anal or vaginal sex. Too Much Sex keeps you stimulated not only by wrapping your cock up tight but, as we move to the rear, you will see and feel a multi adjustable G-string design that can be used with or without your favorite butt plug. The suit includes your choice of small and medium butt plug or one large cock shaped plug. You can choose the amount of pressure you want your plug to be under as it penetrates you for as long as you like. Put on Too Much Sex, slide in the butt plug, and you have one action packed fetish spandex swimsuit/underwear/sex suit that will take any day and turn it into a much more exciting one!


ADD PLUG OPTIONS***************


One size adjustable

Includes choice of butt plugs

Designed as both men's swimwear and sex wear.


Made in the USA


  • Item #: TMS6996

Too Much Sex

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